Thursday, July 31, 2008

Orvieto by night

When we arrived in Orvieto* back in May, we took a stroll in the evening to see the town by night, when it was less thronged with tourists. It was a different way to experience the town, and we hope you'll enjoy some of the photographs...

As dusk falls, the lights go on, and everyone heads inside for antipasti and dinner. That included us... (Bev: I love the way the houses seem to grow out of the hillside like limpets or crystals...)

After dinner, we strolled down the main street, and were again presented with the Italian obsession for swimwear and lingerie shops. The name of this chain of shops, we translated very inaccurately as 'Ladywraps'. (Bev: I took the picture: he wouldn't!)

Bev: Around the corner is one of the many churches, this one being on the site of the Roman forum, and next to a moorish tower, its multiple sides home to many pigeons. We went into the church the next day, and it has the most astounding azure blue ceiling with stars painted on it...

...and an arcade based on the Ospidale dei Inocenti in Florence. In the daytime, this was a flower market stall.

Of course the main attraction is the Duomo. The piazza is worth attention as well, and we sat here, enjoying the peace and quiet (no cars), the soft air, and the views of the Duomo and clock/bell tower:

- It's quite the facade.
With sculptures representing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

And then to bed, in preparation for another hard day of pizza-eating, sipping Orvieto Classico - oh, and just a little art...

James and Bev

*This is one of many retrospective posts we anticipate to come, covering things we saw and did but haven't had a chance to add to the blog until now. No, we haven't returned to Italy. (Yet.) Also, I suspect we'll be adding posts for some months yet... - J.

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