Monday, July 14, 2008

Stuck in the mud

Large lovely ships wallowing in the mud, Friday afternoon on the River Orwell... we escaped the delights of London for the weekend in Suffolk.

It makes me dream of boats plying the river over the centuries -- to London, the continent, Felixstowe and all ports out on the open sea, carrying sugar and tea, and the necessities of English life.

These old ladies are massive and impressive; the breeze is lovely, and the threatening rain did not arrive to soak us, as we trundled across fields and clambered over wooden stiles to get to our destination....

... Where the fish and chips were piping hot and snap-crackly crispy, just as they should be, the lemonade and gin flowed, and local dogs drooled and tried to look unfed. Which is remarkably unsuccessful if you are a hound of enormous proportions. Uh-uh, my fush n chups are mine!

All out for a quick trot on the muddy pier, before home.

Thank you, folks, for a delicious, delightful, quietly wonderful part of our trip. We'll be back as soon as we can!


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