Thursday, July 10, 2008

'Railway' time

We are reliably informed that the coming of the railways caused clocks in the UK to come onto one, accurate and consistent time across the whole of the vast country (the Canadians and Australians can stop laughing at the back about 'vast' please) and thus the iron horse, as well as annoying Hardy and JMW Turner, brought a unity to Britain.

The clocks now seem to be going backwards...

Caught today as I was trying to return from Wolverhampton to London, this intriguingly chronologically impossible train arrived 'on time' ten minutes after it was originally due. Or did it? Whatever the existential philosophical aspects of the case, I'll never know if the connection I tried to meet in Birmingham New Street Station made a sound or not as it left/fell in the forest - as I missed it.

More normal entries will appear when we get a gap between gathering material and sleeping.


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