Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Heaven is a hilltop

Twinkly toes in sandals, well up on WhiteHorse Hill.

Oxford delights, but its green surroundings can be sublime. Jacqui, Thomas, James and I went rambling in the big pink camper van, to the ancient monument of White Horse Hill.

There was a baguette for lunch, almost as tall as Thomas himself!

But that's a young man with his eyes set on far horizons....

Luckily, there's nothing better than running through the grass in a big old field.

.... where not everything is as it seems!

There's a huge white horse cut into the hillside above us.

And chalky white lumps that turn out to be....

Curious sheep!

Thank you, Jacqui, for a fabulous day in the pink-and-green sunshine.


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