Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trafalgar Square goes Canuck

Indeed it does. And not what we expected this morning, either! Sponsored by (come to...) Alberta, London had a fine show of Canadian pride. We skipped the Moosehead and a few other things, but I caught the hockey...

...and there were some other unusual sights to see.


After scouring Canada for a real-genuine-just-like-the-adverts Mountie, and failing (I'm sorry, traffic cops don't cut it - the advertising has the red jacket and funny hat, so that's what they should wear...) we finally lucked out in the capital of cops in funny hats - London:

She very kindly posed with me just to show she was real. A quick chat established that not only was she a proper, genuine Mountie, but that her normal 'beat' is Sackville, but she's currently deployed to Shediac, NB (Small world, eh?). She was asked if she'd like to do a couple of days on duty in London. What would you say?

Incidentally, full dress uniform was probably a bit much as it peaked at 27 degrees today.

'Qu├ębec - it's a laff.' I think they need to work on that, along with remembering whatever it is they aren't forgetting...

And a very happy Canadian art historian.

I realise we've now celebrated Canada day on three continents - London (Europe) Melbourne (Australia) and Ottawa - Canada, of course. Must be some kind of record.

James (The Mountie's caught man.)


Azoid said...

U took a 3-yr-old from Oz to UK? My hat is off 2U! I thought the 13 hr flight from Beijing to NYC w/1-yr-old was the height of travel insanity... Nice 2C pix of B.Mus (was last there in '98), like UR blog. Best wishes, Cathryn in NY USA.

Taccola said...

Thanks for your compliment, but we borrowed the child! :-) He belongs to my best friend, although he was a great travel companion! - Bev

RB&CB said...

looks like you guys are still having a great time! - hope it doesn't feel too much like home over there! (afterall it is sunny!!) Great blog! - RB and CB surrounded by boxes in chilly Mel.

Snailspace said...

When's your Toronto ETA? we have the wine a'chillin'!