Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back in from the cold

I've just come in from a run around the neighbourhood with Toby in the cold wind and slanting rain. We neither of us enjoyed it much, but honour has been satisfied. (Maybe I should make him a coat? - Just kidding!) I am now baking bread, and he is all curled up in a nest of blankets beside me, making little snorty-grunting noises. So it's warm and very cosy-wintery in here.

I've been letting James do most of the talking on the blog over the last little while. That's because I was enjoying what he's been writing so much that I wanted to step back a bit. And I was hibernating - enjoying being at home, and not doing a lot, and adjusting my season-o-meter to the fact that it is winter. As I've mentioned. I think the denial-induced ravings are starting to subside.

Hey, the interesting thing that has been keeping me out of your hair is a new project I'm setting up with Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, in the States. Jennifer runs a popular podcast (online radio show, if podcasts are not in your realm), called Craft Sanity, and most of our family and friends have probably heard about how we hooked up earlier this year and started to chat and to collaborate. Together, we've been working really hard on setting up a new website and blog, which will be coming to this online space soon. Really. Really. Soon. So soon that I wish I could say it was today, but it's not. Soon. Watch this space for an announcement when it's live.

So for now, the public rest of the crafty excitement is still ongoing over at Taccolina, as I stitch up my latest monthly art challenge, draw a load of dreadful portraits of Toby and James, and try to craft my way out of winter in style.

Things I am amused by (isn't this a little childish?)
Well kids, my new copy of Mixetape Magazine just hit the mailbox. The bread's out of the oven, the coffee's on and the dog is comatose. Time to read a little. Hope you didn't miss me.


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