Sunday, August 10, 2008

Market Mayhem

There's been a poor showing on the food front recently, so here's a roundup - I've chosen a selection of photos taken at various markets on the trip, and it's ALL food - other fun stuff may appear in the next post.

So make sure dinner's on the way, you've got your appetite and cookbooks to hand, and lust on...


A Rome street market. Bev 'casing the joint'.

Apples and a three wheeled Ape.

Zucchini with flowers. 'Please do not touch, stupid English speaker...'



The indoor market. It was impressive. The bright, bright vegetables. Some are hot too.

Stuff. Rack it out, sell it.

Ham and cheese. The staples of life...

Pig products! We discovered a new salami here, which always makes it a red-letter day.

Hmmm. Tripe. Maybe tomorrow.

Baggage limitations are a swine, aren't they?

Dried fruit. Some people like it. I find chocolate fulls the niche.

Technically not a market, but a wild pig producteria, with other 'accessories'...

This in an enlargement of a happy face reflected in the glass...
It's understandable to just stand and stare, really. Cinghiale. I'm with Obelix here. Mmmmm.

Rue Mouffetard, Paris

There's a selection of shots from Rue Mouffetard already posted, here. In the meantime, here's a couple more.

And... this one goes out to Jacqui, Lourdes, Jim and the Laings.

Denmark - Aarhus
The Danish equivalent of M&S foodhall (or Myer, or...) I was struck by the carefully delineated map... The food was great, but the prices hurt.

Halifax, W. Yourkshire

And this one's for Tam. Mushy peas are a northern English delicacy, not a soft southern one.

I think they're English, don't you?

It was raining, but it was another market, in another unique venue.

Granville Island, Vancouver
And our exit-ing market from our three month trip was the excellent, fun, Granville Island.

It's the soft fruit season!

And there's nothing to beat good Canadian salmon. (Bev: Er, James, the sign says it from Alaska. That's still in the US, you know.)

Hope you have good food to hand, now because, if you aren't hungry by now, there's no hope.

And there's more below:-

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