Friday, August 22, 2008

How we did it...

Several people have asked us how we managed to keep up with the blogs as we travelled. This is how:

The toolkit contained a MacBook, power-adapters, three cameras, batteries and recharger, and generally, wireless access to the interweb thing in hotels and our host's houses. Not so obvious was burning CDs and DVDs as we went and sending those back home to back up the photographs we'd taken. Very obvious were cables. Lots of cables. I'm sick of winding and packing cables.

Other items like Bev's iPod added sanity points. And matt black is a stupid finish for a computer, taking any fingerprints like a moustache on the Mona Lisa. While Mac retain brownie points for usability, their design fetish and some stunningly silly decisions for looks over utility have been backward steps. On the other hand, the Gecko hard case we bought for the computer gave us real peace of mind for its protection.

It was interesting in that we were clearly travelling during a time of technical development. When we were travelling before, only six years ago, wireless was rare - both domestically and in hotels. Currently there is remarkable variation in the pricing structures and access, but wireless is much wider spread now. It's clear that in a few years those pricing variations will have levelled out, and there will be online access even more widely than it is now.

It is, as they say, an interesting world.


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