Monday, August 25, 2008

Treviso I

We had a great time in Treviso, basing ourselves there for access to Venice and the surrounding area. We'd happily recommend it. It has most of the good things of Venice, without the fuss and tourists. Being a walled city, it also reminded me of Lucca, as well.

Ross kindly sent us a CD of his photos, and we thought it would be fun to show you Treviso through Ross' camera. So without further ado:

A typical view in Treviso. The large network of canals and streams harkens back to Venice, but the quickly flowing fresh water is significantly nicer (to look at, anyway). Also, unlike Venice, it's clear real people live there (not just tourist-fleecers) including at the University, so it has a lot more life about it than Venice, and is a lot less precious.

It's not all cleanly presented facades, though. This one looks ready as a set for some Verdi opera. La Donna vado Splash perhaps.

While I wonder if the people who live in the house (above) are tall and thin too?

You'd never know it, but behind one of these pillars is a quilt shop...

...although I don't think that's where she's going.

Ah, amore.

..which is usually disturbed by the giovanotti on their Vespas.

Treviso is also rightly famous for its frescoes.

But not it's widget shops, although they seem to halt me. Quick and good sharpening - but they were closed.

Our villa was just outside the walls, and was, frankly, wonderful. It lurked behind these gates...
...up this driveway...
...past the potted plants...
...and we had our own entrance and the entire first floor was ours!

The following is a non-Treviso gratuitous lunch shot. Toothsome, eh?

Hope you enjoyed that.

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