Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's That Then

Well, here we are then. Back home in our (little) house after nearly three full months travelling, one around the world trip, 11 airline flights...

One lost day (thanks, International Date Line) more beds than we can count (thanks hosts - you know who you are) four currencies (it was convenient that the US and Canadian dollars were about level pegging with the Aussie dollar while we were on the road - but the Kroner's a killer) two continents, six countries, 15,000+ photos, using three cameras...

No wonder it's a bit of a blur.

It's good to be back home, and entering into 'normal' life again.

Perhaps the weirdest thing is how much of the trip is how 'normal' everything seemed - odd when you are changing countries, food, money, language, road rules and, well, most things, several times over. Perhaps that's not too surprising when returning to places where we've lived, like Canada, the UK or Italy, or visited before, like France, but I'd never been to Germany or Denmark before, yet they both quickly seemed, well, just normal. Strange eh?

It might be a big planet, but one's personal geography is much more intimate. It's difficult to realise we've literally girdled the globe, gone to 56 degrees N, all the way south to home, and it takes a bit of reminding to realise that all the people and places aren't just around the corner because they were seen just days ago - but thousands of miles back. Our bodies adjust quite quickly to knowing night is night, and day is day, despite travelling across the whole Pacific at 500+ mph.

Funny old world, eh?

We hope you've enjoyed being with us on the journey. It's been great hearing the feedback - keep it coming. As I said before, there'll be more posts to come.


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