Friday, August 8, 2008

Dog day

Yesterday we went and picked up Toby from Chris and family who very kindly looked after him while we were away. Chris' dog, Monty and Toby seem to have made firm friends, which was great to see. The younger Du s also seemed to have made good friends as well. It's always hard to say goodbye to a guest dog, but we look forward to having Monty over sometime in the future in return.

Despite the much wider range of entertainments on offer at the Du household, Toby seems to have settled back into the normal routine today. A visit to all the usual haunts had a hyper-excited dog, checking the sniffs and making the marks.

A three-walk day, in beautiful if cold weather, was judged acceptable by the beast, and nose tucked into tail, it was time for the late afternoon nap.

A big thanks to the Du s for looking after him so well, and it's great to have him back home.

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