Friday, August 22, 2008

Munich's windows

We've unjustly neglected Munich, one of the trip's many highlights. I'd never been to Germany before, and Bev hadn't been to Southern Germany before, so it was to some degree new territory for both of us. A later post will cover some other aspects, but this is all about the shop windows - why? Why not.

Having been involved in window display professionally for many years, I do like to see an effective effort - this was simple, but worked well.
The sculpture is just drawn onto the white paper-covered boxes by marker pen.

Then there's the antique shop windows. A selection of odd items:

"You aren't leaving the mousehole dressed like that are you?" said mummy mouse. "Those are your auntie's pearls!"

Going by the expression, that's a pot smoking pot...

German paper aeroplanes. Blitzschnelle Papierflieger sounds so much more powerful than "Lightning quick paper 'planes". You want big Origami? Try Das große Origamibuch. Große Goot! Then there's the Eurogami. Uses for unwanted Euro notes... Funny, I find I use most paper money.

Black pasta. The greatest thing since pre-sliced bread. Sort of.

We are a felt shop. We can make any quilter or fabric enthusiast stop and look in this window...

...and then move them on with the Technische Filze window. Rather like steak and offal. In a way.

Then there was the button and bead shop with the washing line display. The display wasn't much, but I had to get Bev out of the shop with a crowbar.

And lastly, there was the whole thing with ~um~ large German wenches clutching beer steins and thrusting up against clean-cut lucky young men was the poster theme of Munich. This was one of the milder versions! As ever there seemed to be an inverse ratio between the pneumatic element and the mass production or drinkability of the beer advertised.

For those not staring at the young lady, you may guess where we went shortly after taking the photo.

Hope you enjoyed that.


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